The "Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra" (SSWO), founded in 2021 - in defiance of the pandemic - has set itself the goal of living out the symphonic facets of the wind orchestra sound and to delight both connoisseurs and new discoverers with its music performed with charm, charisma and liveliness.

The dynamic body of the "Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra" is a professionally led symphonic wind orchestra with about 60 musicians, which combines the highest musical quality with thrilling esprit. The extensive symphonic wind band repertoire with its impressive richness of sound is known to only a few concertgoers. Numerous wonderful original compositions are appreciated only by an initiated circle of fans, are hardly performed and lead a shadowy existence next to the popularly known folk and entertaining wind band repertoire.

The SSWO makes it possible to experience how high-level, fascinating and thrilling a concert visit by a symphonic wind orchestra can be. To underline its uniqueness, the orchestra programmatically puts a Focus on high quality trouvailles of the sinfonic wind band literature from Switzerland. In order to achieve a balanced program, these Swiss works are combined with international highlights of the wind band repertoire to create innovative and exciting programs. Through the selective commissioning of Swiss composers, the domestic fund of high-quality original literature for symphonic wind orchestra is to be continuously expanded. The works are commented directly in concert so that the audience can fully immerse itself in the world of the pieces.

As a fixed ensemble, the "Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra" performs at least one or two concert projects per year. Performances at renowned "classical" concert orchestrasand festivals are just as much a part of this as refreshing performances in unknown and unexpected locations. Thanks to video recording, the concerts can also be made accessible regardless of time. You broadcast beyond the live performance and are subsequently available for re-listening in the digital archive.

Project dossier

All important information about the Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra can also be found in our dossier. 

Niki Wüthrich

Conductor, Artistic Director

Niki Wüthrich's many years of experience as conductor of the wind orchestras of Stadtmusik St.Gallen, Stadtmusik Zürich and Stadtmusik Bremgarten combined with his music management experience are the ideal basis for a successful artistic direction of the "Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra". As a versatile and passionate musician, Niki Wüthrich is particularly interested in concerts with a special focus on an exciting program concept and on cross-disciplinary references.

As a conductor, he looks back on many successful concerts with formations such as the Camerata Switzerland, the symphony orchestra con brio, the Solothurn Youth Wind Orchestra or the SGBV Wind Orchestra. In 2010 he reached the semi-finals of the 6th Swiss Conducting Competition.

He completed his studies in conducting and trombone at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Bern.


The 60-strong orchestra is made up of professional musicians in the lead positions and ambitious musical talents. In addition to the required instrumental qualifications, our musicians share a passion for symphonic wind music and are motivated to exchange ideas in the register.

Many ambitious and successful wind instrumentalists have the motivation to join an orchestra, but for many reasons cannot or do not want to find the time to commit themselves to an association with weekly rehearsals. The "Swiss Symphonic Wind Orchestra" (SSWO) offers these musicians the opportunity to work on one or two concert programs per year under professional direction and in cooperation with professional vocalists. In addition to concerts with a full orchestra, smaller chamber music wind ensembles are also conceivable.

Caroline Morger, Stimmführerin
Celine Endras
Ulrich Peintner
Stefan Ledergerber
Lara Salamon, Piccolo

Elisa Olmeda, Stimmführerin
Karin Schwitter, Englischhorn

Carmen Berger, Stimmführerin
Michaela Wiederkehr
Enrico Cristini
Ferenc Baki
Greta Egger
Walter Bosshard
Marcel Schoch
Silvan Bucher
Simon Troxler
Peter Schilling
Thomas Korner
Martina Feusi
Christian Hitz, Bassklarinette
Michèle Gemünden, Bassklarinette

Florian Haupt, Stimmführer
Kevin Felix
Michelle Burri
Cédric Athanasiadès
Fabio Signer
Manon Hasenberg
Fréderic Vogel

Fabian Grimm, Stimmführer
Pascale Gubler

Keita Kitade, Stimmführer
Ganvai Friedrich
Daniel Brunner
Roland Doldt
Marc Kammerer
Ursi Obermayr

Mats Janett, Stimmführer
Christoph Büchi
Marcos Calvo Lance
Leandra Bänziger

Noëlle Quartiero, Stimmführerin
Thomas Bucheli
Dominique Engel
Markus Grando
Thomas Meyer, Bassposaune

Regina Biedermann, Stimmführerin
Urs Ineichen

David LeClair, Stimmführer
Monika Müller
Fabienne Trebo

Manuel Leuenberger, Stimmführer
Gabriel Muñoz
Andrea Weber
Daniel Bürki
Noah Charef

Masahiro Vermeer, Stimmführer
Balz Müller

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